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Making Money on Instagram

Micro-blogging service, Instagram is enjoying growing success since its inception but its founders are still unable to find a way to make it profitable.

Like any medium of communication, Instagram is a relay to communicate with a community. It is therefore natural to consider how they can monetize Instagram. While many brands are starting to take ownership for communicating about their products and thus expand their marketing strategy new channels, it does not generate direct revenues.

Recently, new solutions are emerging to help not the founders of Instagram to make money but with its users. I will propose two I had the opportunity to discover the Accessoweb friend Philip.

Use the page of his Instagram account as a flyer with Twittad

Each Instagram user normally uses the main page of Instagram to follow the thread of publication of its network. However there are essentially two other pages that a user can fall: that of a user’s Instagram page with all its publications and the sole of a Twit. These are the two page feature can be configured graphically by changing the background. This principle is based that by offering to sell the advertising space of the background of your Instagram account.

Then it is simply a marketplace where users offer their advertisers buy space and for a defined period an insert to a user. The price is based on length of booking, payments are made through PayPal and is careful 5% of payments and Buy Real Active Instagram Followers .

Even if the display is, in my opinion, very limited for an advertiser using this system, and prices for currently available (a few dollars) are not windfall, this system of monetization remains discreet in the eyes of your Instagram community and can glean a few dollars.

Broadcast advertisements on your Instagram account with Twittertise

The other service to monetize This time you will be able, through this service, schedule the publication of a Post to a specific day and time. Use? You can schedule the distribution of a Twit business at a time when there is a lot of your followers in line and then follow the above benefits of this Twit. Indeed, this service offers for each programmed Twit (text + link) have a ratio of clicks on the link to your Twit.

This service does not find advertisers. It is your responsibility and therefore it is up to you to fix Ausi RPIX a Twit as you can imagine proportional to the number of followers you have on your Instagram account.

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