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5 Ways to Utilize Instagram to Your Advantage

Social networking is a great tool in the world of marketing. Among the social networking sites, Instagram is the new Face Book when it comes to gaining business contacts. Actually it works even better than that. The beauty of Instagram is in it’s simplicity. It is not all bogged down with details. No fancy web designs, no personal categories if interests etc. It works because it is broken down to the basics. There are a number of ways in which to use Instagram to accomplish your goals.

First, you need to personalize your space. If you don’t change your background and post a picture of yourself, other people will think you are not really using Instagram, but simply trying it out. There are certain people that won’t even follow you if you don’t have a picture. Make it personal, get your feet wet and have fun.

Second, you need to think about who you want to follow. When your are thinking of people to follow, you can search names of interesting people. You may want to follow these people and listen to what they have to say. There is another group you must follow. These are people that are following your competition. If you compete with people that have an identity in Instagram, and those people have Instagram Followers UK , You need to get hold of those followers! They will start seeing updates from you and you just may be more appealing to them.

Third, make sure you update frequently. People like to hear from you. You can post URL links of sites you think are interesting, sayings or quotes that mean something or just say “Hi I’m here and this is what I’m doing”. Don’t go gung ho telling everybody about what your selling or try to get them to buy something. This is a place to build your credibility, and respect from others. Be honest, talk to them like you would anybody else.

Fourth, don’t be angry when someone un-follows you. This happens. You will do it too. Often, there are people you run into (in life or otherwise) with whom you become unsatisfied after getting to know them. Let them go. There is no need to be mean or make a scene, just unceremoniously un-follow them.

Fifth, keep the followers and the followed numbers about equal. If you are following many more people than are following you, it appears that you are spamming. This is not good. Also, when the people following you greatly outnumber the people you follow, it looks as though  you don’t care and may be perceived as indifferent.

Use these tips and see if they don’t help you make more business contacts over the long haul. I wish you success in your business ventures.

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