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Using Instagram For Small Business

Instagram can be wildly successful in marketing your small business or it can be a total waste of your time. The only difference is how you approach it. Here are some guidelines that will help you gather more Targeted Instagram followers UK and help you convert those followers into buying customers.

  • Before you get started, spend a little time gathering some interesting and entertaining websites and information that would be appealing to your target audience. Do not make it all about your business. Take the time to really dig for some valuable info.
  • Think of your Post as headlines. They need to grab a person’s attention. Use a link shortener like to allow you to type more words in your headline if need be.
  • Take time to fill out your profile. Make sure you have your website link displayed and give details about your business,. Do not make it too cut and dry though, spark interest and tempt the reader to visit your website for more information.
  • Do a keyword search based on who your typical customer might be. Follow a few potential customers and a few of your peers. Do not go on a blitz and do mass following. This will result in you getting your account suspended or banned. For the most part, if you have done the work above, people will follow you back if they check you out and find what you have to offer to be of interest or of value to them.
  • Do not be tempted to hard sell to your Followers UK . Nothing will get them to click the unfollow button quicker than someone cramming their products down their throats constantly. I usually use the formula of 5 posts of interest followed by one Post about your business.
  • Be engaging and interact with your Post friends. Start conversations, help people out. Remember that social marketing is all about relationship marketing. So use this opportunity to build those relationships and create a fan base. Don’t just Post and run.
  • Be helpful to others by Reposting anything that you find interesting that might be of interest to your followers. If you make a habit of doing this, others will begin returning the favour to you. This will help your posts get more exposure and help you gather even more followers.
  • Make sure your offline customers know you are on Instagram. They already use and enjoy your products or services. Chances are they are a Instagram user already and what better way to gain the trust of your potential customers than to have them read other Posts about how fantastic you are.
  • Listen to what they are saying. If someone is having a problem or can’t find information they are looking for, find it for them or offer to be of assistance.
  • Your best bet is to inform and entertain. The sales will automatically follow without you having to hard sell. Make friends and they will pass the word along for you.

If you follow these guidelines and always be considerate of your following, you will have success with your social media marketing and you just may find opportunities to network with other businesses for future projects and cross promotions.

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