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7 Reasons Instagram Makes Sense for Your Business

In essence, Instagram is a micro-blogging tool that allows you to post brief entries to be seen and interacted with by your “Buy Real Instagram Followers UK “.

1) Get a Lay of the Land. A quick glance at the can give you a sense of things in an instant. When some big announcement happens online, you can check Instagram to see if it is really important. Are people talking about it? What are they saying? This can save you hours of research and increase your competitive advantage.

2) Catch Up. If you go away for a few days, you have a quick 140 characters at a time, history of what you missed. Not only can you catch up when you want, you can catch up where you want (via web, mobile text or Twhirl reader) but also catch up with WHO you want to.

3) Fast Content Speed to Market. A Post takes a minute or so to write. This article, over an hour. 🙂

4) Easy to Manage. You can both participate and lurk from your phone at the time and place of your choosing. When you need to be doing something else, you can ignore Instagram. When you’ve got moments (that don’t steal away from work or family or other priorities), you can jump into the conversation.

5) Increase Traffic to Your Site. You can send a link via Instagram for your articles, blog posts, products, services, etc. The visibility on Instagram gives you great traffic and an audience to examine what you’ve put out there… which brings me to my next reason.

6) Instant Feedback. You can post a question to your Tweeples (or people, get it?) and receive an answer back in minutes. You can receive technical help (did you know Microsoft and other major brands are on Instagram?), choosing software, even finding the directions to a local restaurant. You can also help answer others’ questions as well. Instagram is a two-way conversation tool, you know.

7) Relationship Building. Instagram allows you to start real conversations with your “virtual” friends. You can learn about someone’s new car purchase, upcoming promotions, recent divorce, birth of a child, coming travels, etc. So that your marketing isn’t just about “Here I am, buy from me.” But when you start building connections with peers in your field, with your target market, and with your competition (yes, connect with them too!), you raise your visibility, you engage more deeply, and you get your followers to know, like and trust you.

Are you convinced yet? Buy Instagram Followers UK and start your Instagram journey.

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