Privacy Policy

The Best Followers respects your privacy; therefore, we have made this privacy policy to show you what information this website collects and why.

Placing an Order

If you place an order, we collect the following information (some of which you provide):

  • Your Name (Provided by you)
  • Your Email (Provided by you, so we can give you order updates and if you agree promotional emails)
  • Your Order URL (Provided by you so we can process your ordered package)
  • Order Notes (If you decide to leave an order note)
  • Your IP Address (To help us identify any strange transactions)
  • Time and date of order being placed

If you should make payment through PayPal we may collect additional information as well as the above information, this includes:

  • Your PayPal Email Address
  • Your PayPal First and/or Last Name

If you register an account on this website or at the checkout page, we will collect:

  • Your provided email addresses
  • Your first & last name (If you provide it in my account)
  • Your IP Address

Any orders you place through your account will be linked to your account.

Review & Comments on this website

If you leave a review or decide to leave a comment anywhere on this website, we will store:

  • Name (Provided by you)
  • Email (Provided by you)
  • Your Rating out of 5 (if it’s a review)
  • Your Review or Comment
  • Your IP Address
  • The time & Date you left review/comment

Should we approve your review or comment, the following details will be shown on the website:

  • Your name
  • Your rating out of 5 (if it’s a review)
  • Your comment or review

Should we decline your review or comment, it will be deleted within 60 days.

This website does use cookies, but we try to keep it minimal, we have shown below what features may leave cookies in your browser:

When you add an item to the cart
When you check out and buy a product
When you login to your account
When your register an account

If you want to learn more about cookies, how to stop your browser accepting cookies or how to delete cookies from your browser then please visit:

Request a copy, update, amendment or deletion of data we hold
If you want to request a copy, update, change or deletion of the data we hold on you then get in contact using the contact page or through email at [email protected]

How long is data saved?
We do not save data longer than it is required, once we do not require it, it will be deleted.

Transfer of any data overseas
We may need to transfer “Your Order URL/S” and the package or packages you ordered to a provider abroad.

How to get in touch
You can use the contact page on this website or email at [email protected], we try to reply as quickly as possible.

Last updated:
We will update the date on this privacy policy when changes are made.
This privacy policy was last updated on: 13th June 2020

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