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How Long Does the Service Take?

We try to do it as fast as possible after you place your order. The order can start within a few minutes after it is confirmed by you. But some orders can take time depending on the quantity and your location.

Contact our 24/7 customer support if you have any questions related to your order. You may get compensation if it is delayed.

Are the story views Permanent?

Yes, we strive to be the best in marketing by providing the best services for your Instagram account. The story views increase is permanent and in case it drops, you can get refill service for 30 days.

What is Instagram Story?

Instagram story is one of the most interesting featured offered by Instagram. It allows the users to stay close to their followers with interesting content. The story feature allows the users to post pictures or videos for 24 hours period. If you have been using Snapchat for some time, it is easy to understand how Instagram stories work.

How to purchase Instagram Story Views?

The purchase process by is easier when it comes to story views. It takes only a few minutes for the story views to order and they will be added in 20 minutes.

The process of order is simple. Decide the desired quantity of views you want. Provide your username and add it to the card. Proceed to check out and make payment. Your order will be processed shortly.

How to Increase Story Views?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media marketing platforms in the world. It is competing with other social media channels likes Snapchat and Facebook. With huge competition, Instagram is improving its services and offering interesting features for users. Instagram story is one of the most popular features offered by Instagram. Its popularity has grown its launch. Originally it was launched in 2016, but its popularity has grown.

Many users want to grow their story reach and views and try traditional techniques to grow their views. But, buying Instagram story views from the thebestfollowers is a fast way to get more views and increase the reach of Instagram stories. 

Are Instagram stories visible to everyone?

Instagram has provided you setting to control who can view your stories. If your profile is set to private, only your select followers can watch your story. There is a setting that allows you to hide your stories from certain viewers. However, your story can be viewed by anyone if your profile is set to public.

Are Instagram stories time Limited?

It is true that Instagram stories are for 24 hours only, but now the social media network has introduced an option for the users to save their stories. Now you can organize your stories in ‘highlighted stories’ available for others to see on your profile. It has another benefit as more users can see it.

How to Record and Post Instagram Stories?

Instagram has made it easy for users to create stories. Just turn on the integrated camera within the Instagram app, and start recording your story. With many features offered by Instagram, you can get creative. Use different kinds of quizzes, Q&As, and polls which help you to get involved with your customers.

Instagram Story Viewer and Downloader – Ingramer

If you want to view any user’s story without logging in to Instagram, you can view it by using Instagram story viewer. Instagram story viewer is a free online web service that helps you watch stories without a trace. If your target user’s profile is public, you can view all active stories and highlights.

Is it possible to autosave story updates?

The autosave service will save every new story a user you monitor has uploaded. Ingramer allows you to monitor up to 100 profiles and their stories will be collected in your Instagram profile. You can find subscription pricing on their website.

How to See Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Yes, you can view Instagram stories anonymously. If you are eager to check someone’s Instagram story anonymously, you don’t need to create a fake account anymore. With the help of an Instagram story viewer, you can watch any story of any public account without revealing your identity. In addition, you can see stories of users who blocked you. You will not appear in the viewers’ list as you did not enter any of your personal data.

The process is simple. Just enter your username, click on the search button, and all the content will be available for you. Not only that you can view stories anonymously you can also download stories without an Instagram account.

Instagram Story Downloader

Instagram story downloader is a software that allows you to download a story as well as viewing it. If you just want to view a story you can search a username and it will search-related data, but you can also download with Ingramer.

Without installing anything it allows you to download Instagram stories from their free web services. Just enter the profile name, select a story and start downloading it.

How to get more views on Instagram Stories?

It is true that this feature was copied from Snapchat, it has quickly one of the most popular ways to tell compelling stories, marketing with visual content and boosting engagement with followers. Currently, many individuals, brands, and businesses are using these features, and it seems to be growing in popularity. Here are some of the most powerful strategies to help you get more views on Instagram stories.

  • Publish different types of content and don’t rely on similar content
  • Create a limited time offer for your products or services
  • Use proper hashtags so you can get more exposure on Instagram
  • Get live weekly and join your friends