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How to Get More Leads with Instagram

While Facebook has a robust advertising plan that smart and savvy online marketers have already been leveraging for years, Instagram is very much the “next big thing” in the world of online marketing – and in the world of social media in general.

Instagram continues to grow on an almost daily basis. With more than a billion global users logging on to Instagram and interacting every single month.
You would have to be at least a little bit crazy as an online marketer to ignore that kind of traffic.

At the same time, generating leads on Instagram (and social media in general) is nowhere near as simple or as straightforward as it may appear on the surface. These platforms are, after all, social platforms first and foremost – and trying to build a business on them sometimes comes across as ham-fisted and try hard.

If you are planning on building your business influence, credibility and persuasiveness to get more leads with Instagram then we have some top tips in this article. However, if you are still fairly new to Instagram or don’t have many followers then we suggest you read this guide before you proceed, as having followers is half of the battle when trying to get leads.


Create a regular content posting calendar

If you only do ONE thing that we recommend for generating more leads on Instagram it would be this – to create a regular content posting calendar/schedule and stick to it as though your business life depended on it.

There are several tools out their such as Hootsuite which allow you to write and schedule your posts in advance, so if you are busy this is always a good option.

You might post content hourly, daily, or weekly (but you don’t want to stretch it out too much between posts). Whatever works for your niche, your market, and your audience. But you have to provide a dependable flow of content for your followers and new followers to engage with.

If you’re all over the place they’re going to pick up on that and will inevitably build a relationship on Instagram with someone that’s more consistent and reliable.


Leverage your Instagram Stories as lead generation tools

Instagram stories allow you to post a lot more frequently but they also pick up a lot more engagement on this social media platform than traditional Instagram posts do.

Smart marketers have found that posting between five and 15 new stories every single day is the real “sweet spot”. This gives you about two or three minutes of solid content, and if you’re able to capture their attention for that long you have plenty of time to pitch them (subtly or overtly) and get them to take action.

Stick to this kind of story production schedule and you will be able to push complete and total strangers deeper and deeper into your lead generation funnel with very little effort.


Authenticity is everything on Instagram

Even though Instagram is very much a carefully curated social media platform with a loose definition of reality, people need to feel that your content is authentic – and that your lead generation pitches are authentic as well.

If you’re showing a lot of casual content and a lot of personality in your “regular” Instagram updates than your pitch has to follow with the same kind of congruency. If you’re more business focused and a little more “corporate” than you need that kind of attitude when you pitch.

The second that you deviate and trying to turn your Instagram profile/platform into something that it hasn’t been all along is when your regular followers and potential new followers rebel against ALL of your content.

Keep things authentic, keep things congruent, and stay consistent with your pitches and you will be able to fill up the front end of your lead generation funnel from Instagram much faster than he would have thought possible before.

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